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Hey, ya’ll!  So I have taken a long year (maybe longer) off from my former blog.  I thought it was time for a redo.  I decided to call my blogspot “Coffee and Mascara” because, for those who know me, know that these are two of my favorite daily “must dos”.  They are not optional.   This won’t be a formal blog.  One day I may just want to vent to ya’ll about what kind of day I’ve had, or how people have made it hard for me to “adult” for the day.   Another day I may blog about the latest trends in makeup or hair.  Being a professional makeup artist, I do have some fun tips and information that I can share.  And I almost always have stories to tell.   And by all means, if there is anything in particular you want me to talk about, please share.  Looking forward to bloggin’ it up with all of you!

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